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Excessive fines are predatory and unconstitutional. They act as a back-door tax that unfairly impacts people with lower income. In 2005, the Washington State Legislature began allowing cities to use automated speed cameras to fine people for moving violations in school zones, but put specific limitations on the use of these cameras. One of those requirements is that a city cannot fine people more than it does for “other parking infractions.” Legislators wanted to make sure that cities did not use these speed cameras as a “cash cow.”    

Cities in Washington now collect millions of dollars from private citizens every year using these cameras. The City of Seattle charges $234 for each ticket, which is substantially more than the City may charge for “other parking infractions.” If people do not make prompt payment, the City charges late fees of $25.

We believe these fines are excessive and unconstitutional. They also have disproportional impacts on low-income individuals and families.

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