Arias et al. v. DeRuyter & Son Dairy, LLC, et al. (Yakima Superior Court, No. 16-2-03407-39)

Shishido Taren PLLC and EMP Law LLC are Class Counsel in the wage and hour class action Arias et al. v. DeRuyter & Son Dairy, LLC, et al. (Yakima Superior Court, No. 16-2-03407-39). 

The case, filed in December 2016, involves a class of approximately 400 dairy workers alleging that all non-management employees of George DeRuyter & Son Dairy, LLC, El Rancho Bella Vista, LLC and D and A Dairy, LLC were denied legally mandated meal and rest breaks and also had unlawful deductions taken out of their paychecks for tools. The Court certified the class on August 24, 2018.

On June 14, 2019, the Court granted preliminary approval for the settlement of this case. The Court's order can be viewed here:  

Class Counsel sent Settlement Notice in English and Spanish to all class members who did not opt out of the certified class. The bilingual settlement notice may be found here:

Class Counsel will seek final approval of the settlement on July 19, 2019 before The Honorable Richard Bartheld in Yakima Superior Court. Settlement checks will be mailed to all members of the settlement class thirty days after the Court grants final approval of the settlement.    

Shishido Taren

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